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Fashionable tote bags decorated with the Seal of Cotton are popular and useful items; we offer a variety of colors with cotton designs on bags featuring polka dots, stripes, and bright colors as well as the black favorites.  Seal of Cotton house flags are offered in dark green with the Cotton Incorporated logo in white.  Cotton baby bibs are available in assorted bright colors such as aqua, light pink, hot pink, royal blue, purple, and yellow.  China piggy banks decorated with two cotton bolls make great baby gifts.  Reusable non-woven polypropylene tote bags decorated with the Seal of Cotton are very popular for groceries or as gift bags.  Handmade crocheted Hot Mats and Pillows with an original design are unique gift items; the hot mats which are handmade in Tennessee are washable and double sided with a plain back. 

Seal of Cotton (Cotton logo) beach towels in hot pink, lime green, orange, red, and turquoise are popular items.   Cotton throws (blankets) are woven in the USA and feature beautiful cotton artwork as well as the Seal of Cotton.  Design your own 100% woven cotton throw by using one of your own photos for our Photo Throw from PictureWeave.  We also support the Rice Industry with our Rice Throw.

Cotton stems, cotton garlands, and cotton wreaths are offered;  wire stems make it possible to bend to shape of your liking.  Add the cotton wreath to a grapevine or permanent Christmas wreath to create a unique decoration.   Individual cotton bolls and cotton bales are also available.


Rice Country Throw                                             THRICE   60.00
100% Cotton Tapestry 46" x 67"