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100% Cotton, 6.1 oz.
Seal of Cotton Logo on adult shirt: 3" on left Chest; 10" on the back

Whether you refer to them as Cotton Logo, Cotton Symbol, Seal of Cotton, Cotton Incorporated T-Shirts (Tee Shirts)...
or as a T-Shirt (T-Shirt or Tee Shirt) screen printed with a graphic design of the Cotton Symbol, Seal of Cotton, Cotton Incorporated logo, Cotton Logo, or even Cotton Boll, we should have a shirt you will enjoy.

We offer both short and long sleeve Seal of Cotton T-Shirts (Tee Shirts) in adult and youth sizes.  A Seal of Cotton (Cotton Incorporated logo, Cotton logo) T-Shirt (Tee Shirt) will quickly become a favorite. 

White and some sports (athletic) gray T-Shirts are printed with the Seal of Cotton with Brown, Black, Green, Pink, Orange, Red, and Royal Blue Backgrounds.  Colored T-Shirts are printed with the Seal of Cotton logo in White, Light Blue, Light Pink, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Orange, Red, or Yellow logos.  Athletic Grey Heather Shirts and Red Shirts feature the Seal of Cotton printed with a black background.

Our specialty designs feature some of the latest color combinations in fashion such as black with hot pink logo. 

All of our color combinations are approved by Cotton Incorporated; the cotton logo is always the lightest color on the shirt.   We are licensed to use the Seal of Cotton.

We now offer 4 colors of our exclusive design featuring the Seal of Cotton against a zebra background.
"Got Cotton?"   and our exclusive " Got Food? Thank a Farmer"  shirts have been very popular.

"It Takes a Farmer to Raise Food" T-Shirt focuses on the importance of the Farmer to our society. The "It Takes a Farmer" shirt is available in 6 colors:  Brown, Hot Pink, Kelly green, Orange, Red, and Sapphire.

"All American Ag" shirt is available in Navy Blue.  It features a red star on both the front and back of the shirt.  A very feminine shirt is new this year in the hot pink "High Cotton" design on lime green,
safety orange, orchid, and sapphire.