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Cotton Specialties™

Cotton Specialties™
 is the trademark of the catalog division of
 Rosalyn Smith
Designs, Inc

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We specialize in providing unique items and products decorated with cotton bolls, cotton bales, cotton scenes, cotton fields, and the Seal of Cotton.

We specialize in personal, recognition/appreciation, and promotional gifts and promotional products for the cotton industry and also provide advertising and promotional items for the general business sector.

We specialize in offering individual and experienced customer service. We have been a supplier and manufacturer of cotton gifts, cotton decorations, and cotton decorated merchandise for over twenty-five years. Our own original copyrighted designs as well as cotton artwork from well-known cotton artists Jack DeLoney, Gayle Strider, and Angie Smith decorate some of our custom cotton items and cotton designs.
This web site provides a partial listing of products and items with cotton themes and the Cotton Incorporated Logo as shown in our Cotton Specialties™  catalog.

To place an order, call 901-476-3584 ; normal business hours are
9-5 Central Time Monday-Friday.

Please go to our Contact Us Page for questions, order blanks w/fax number, and shipping charges and information.

Catalogs will be enclosed with orders.
or click the link to view our entire catalog online: catalog.pdf